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P31 Green Spritz get to know a liqueur made on the basis of 31 natural ingredients

Aperitivo Green P31 is a liqueur made on the basis of 31 natural ingredients, with a predominance of herbs, which is a great addition to alcoholic cocktails. It can also be served as a digestive with a meal.

Conceived as an aperitif, but with a much wider application than other similar liquors.

In its basic form it is served as spritz with prosecco, sparkling water, ice and lime.
It is also a great addition to, among others, mojito and cadpirink.
The prodcucer has prepared about 20 cocktail recipes with its application.

P31 is characterised by its intense green colour and gentle refreshing taste with a light herbal note.
It contains 11% alc., Zawiera 11% alk. Thus, it fits in with the fashionable trend of light alcoholic drinks, served as a welcome drink or a long drink.

The product is targeted mainly at hotels, restaurants, clubs, profiled bars and event organizers.